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Operational Manuals are accessible through the links listed below. Proper operation will ensure your sprayer performs well for many years.

Get the most out of your Graco equipment by following all manufacturer recommended steps regarding:

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  • Setup
  • Operation
  • Cleanup
  • Troubleshooting

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Graco, we do our best to answer our customers' product-related questions in an information and easy to understand manner. Below are some frequently asked questions of our customer service and technical service departments. We also offer more product-specific operational information on each of the product pages.

If you still have questions regarding your Graco products, please contact Customer Service for help with your products.

Where can I purchase repair parts for my Graco sprayer?

Graco repair parts can be purchased through one of the many service repair centers. Graco does not sell parts direct.

To locate an authorized service center for repair, maintenence or parts for your sprayer, enter your zip code in the Distributor Locator.

Graco Distributor Locator

Or call 888-541-9788 to find a servicing distributor near you.

Try these steps:

  • Make sure the paint intake tube (also called the siphon tube) and its strainer are completely immersed in the paint.
  • If that’s not the problem, remove the strainer and connect a garden hose to the siphon tube. Following the directions in your owner’s manual, flush the sprayer with water for a minute or two and then try to spray paint.
  • If your sprayer still will not spray, remove and clean the inlet valve. (See your sprayer’s Repair and Parts Manual.) Be sure not to lose the inlet ball (some models have a spring as well).
  • If you’re still having trouble, remove and clean the outlet valve. (See your sprayer’s Repair and Parts Manual.)

The spray tip is likely clogged. Turn the spray tip 180 degrees to the unclog position, aim the spray gun into a bucket and pull the trigger for one second to clear the clog. Turn the spray tip back to the spray position and resume spraying.

The spray hose connections are not tight. Use a wrench to tighten the hoses.

Make sure the unit is plugged into a working outlet. If it is, turn the sprayer on and then turn the sprayer’s pressure control knob clockwise until the motor starts running.

Either turn the pressure control higher until the lines go away and the pattern is even or thin the paint you’re spraying so that it atomizes more easily.

The pump needs to be serviced or replaced.

We recommend a 12-gauge extension cord no longer than 100 feet.

Check the paint manufacturer's recommendation in the "Application" section of the label on the bucket or can of paint. Try our Tip Selector to help find the ideal tip based on the sprayer, material, and project.

Parts and Service

To locate an authorized service center for repair, maintenence or parts for your sprayer, enter your zip code in the Distributor Locator.

Graco Distributor Locator

Customer Service

Here at Graco, customer service is our first priority. Whether you have questions about your Paint or Texture Sprayer, need to service your machine, or just want to give us feedback, you have come to the right place! From total product support to “tricks of the trade”, we want to help you get the most out of your Magnum and Graco Paint and Texture equipment!