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How to Use a Sprayer

Basic operation and spray techniques

  1. How to use an airless sprayer
  2. Follow important safety precautions
  3. Sprayer setup
  4. Surface prep
  5. Airless spray technique
  6. Graco Sprayers and Accessories

How to use an airless sprayer

Whether you are a first-timer or an experienced painter, the information on our website will allow you to complete your painting projects faster and with better results. Airless spraying is the fastest way to complete most painting jobs. Learning how to use an airless sprayer is quite easy but like anything new, will take a little practice to perfect. All Magnum sprayers come with an operation video and Quick Operating Guide for your reference.

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Follow important safety precautions

Whenever operating equipment it is important to take proper safety precautions, be mindful of potential hazards, wear protective clothing and eyewear, and stay alert. Always refer to the specific manual and safety procedures for the spray equipment you are using.

Before getting started, review:

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Sprayer setup

The process of getting your sprayer ready to use will be different depending if you have used your sprayer before or not, the basic steps include: connecting the spray gun and hose, flushing and priming the sprayer, and installing the tip and guard. For detailed instructions refer to your sprayer's instruction manual.

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Surface prep

Preparing the surfaces is the most important part of any painting project. For best results, it is recommended that interior walls first be washed clean using TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) and allowed to dry. For exterior painting, it is recommended to wash the surface with a pressure washer and cleaning solution if needed. With a clean dry surface, repair any cracks, chips, and holes before spraying. You may also want to sand rough areas for smoother finishes.

With any airless project, a certain amount of overspray should be expected. To protect surfaces from overspray, you should always spend a few minutes preparing the surroundings. Before spraying, make sure you cover all baseboards and protect any furniture, shutters, or windows. Remember, when painting outdoors, always take careful note of wind directions.

Good surface prep is a vital step to any painting process and you can find some excellent pointers by visiting the website of your favorite paint supplier.

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Airless spray technique

For even paint distribution and quality results, follow these basic spray techniques:

  • Keep spray gun about 12 inches from the surface.
  • For best coverage, use a long, continuous motion – start your motion before triggering gun and continue your motion after the gun trigger is released.
  • Overlap your spray pattern by about 50% - Simply aim the spray gun on your next pass at the edge of the previous painted area.
  • For more detailed information visit the spray techniques page.

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Graco Sprayers and Accessories

Now that you know how to spray like a pro - find a Graco or Magnum model that meets your needs or choose from a variety of time saving sprayer accessories in our product pages.

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